Our students work on a wide range of cutting-edge translational research projects. Below is a list of their research projects.

Alice Dunning Self-affirmations, wellbeing and patient safety perceptions in nursing staff: How effective are self-affirmation interventions for improving levels of wellbeing amongst nurses?
Caitlin Wilson Enhancing feedback for ambulance service staff to promote workforce wellbeing and patient safety
Daisy Halligan In the name of safety: Identifying, understanding and stopping low value safety practices
Daniel Okeowo The role of community pharmacists in developing and implementing deprescribing initiatives in primary care
Darci Tillbrook ‘Patient work-as-imagined’ versus ‘patient work-as-done’: How do patients and families ‘reach in’ to support the resilience of cancer care pathways?
David Mehdizadeh Development of a risk assessment tool for predicting adverse health outcomes in older people, using eFI and ACB scores: A mixed methods approach
Emily Parker Reducing inappropriate admissions to hospital: Understanding and enhancing tolerance of uncertainty amongst staff and patients
Justine Tomlinson Optimising Post-discharge medicines care for older people
Lauren Ramsey Understanding excellence in responding to patient feedback about care
Mary Smith Service users raising concerns in mental health in-patient care
Siobhan McHugh Evaluating the use of video-reflexivity to improve teamwork and communication in acute maternity services
Suzanne Hill Investigating the quality and continuity of medication management when people living with dementia move between the care home and hospital setting
William Lea Producing effective and achievable safety strategies from adverse event investigations in healthcare